Teeth Cleaning

Introducing ultrasonic teeth cleaning!

How it works…

Teeth cleaning is conducted using an ultrasonic toothbrush. The ultrasonic waves of the toothbrush penetrate deep around the gums and teeth, cleaning effectively and sustainably without pressure. The patented ultrasound technology works without vibration or noise, making brushing a lot more relaxed and stress-free for beloved pets.

The brush head generates the ultrasound and directs it into the ultrasonic toothpaste, with up to 96 million air vibrations per minute. Micro bubbles form and clean without brushing, thoroughly cleaning the teeth and protecting the gums. The result is tactile smooth teeth. Biofilm will be removed and the mouth area remains fresh long after cleaning. The effective “non-brushing” elimination of Plaque and impurities is especially ideal for animals.

This has a very positive effect on the animals and contributes to a much higher acceptance of the cleaning procedure.

The benefits of regular brushing

Regular cleaning with the ultrasound toothbrush can improve the oral health of your pet. The 100% ultrasound not only penetrates deep into the gums helping remove bacteria and germs, It can increase blood circulation in the gums, activate healing processes helping to prevent gingivitis, periodontitis, tartar formation, mouth odour and tooth loss.


Your pet will need an individual assessment to determine the amount of sessions needed. A treatment plan can then be decided on.

You will, of course, want your dogs teeth to look whiter, breath odour to be fresher and general oral health to improve. This is the goal!

A deposit of £10 is needed for your dogs own toothbrush. For heavy plaque buildup, use of a plaque breakdown gel is recommended prior to the cleaning treatment; this is an additional cost (around £15).

Option 1: Three sessions of cleaning £100

Option 2: Six sessions of cleaning (for heavier plaque build up) £180

Option 3: One session £30 to continue until desired cleaning is achieved

*Maintenance sessions tagged onto a groom: £15

This service is only available once teeth cleaning has been achieved, to help to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy