Puppy Grooming

Having a new addition to the family can be exciting! Along with all the toilet training, learning to tricks and generally settling them in to the family routine, you may want to introduce a grooming routine. This routine should be introduced gently, at a pace that will enable them to be comfortable at the grooming salon. We have a six week programme available to ease them (and you!) in.

1st Visit

New pup 10-12 weeks or after 2nd vaccinations;

Visit the salon for the first time. We will make it a very welcoming environment. Pup will be encouraged onto the grooming table, shown how things operate, shown brushes etc. Owners will leave alone with the groomer whilst they look around the facilities. Groomer will play and put the pup at ease. First visit is an opportunity for you and puppy to meet the groomer and get a feel for the place.

2nd Visit

Approx 2 weeks later, will be pups first appointment when he/she is left with the groomer. The groomer will take the whole appointment at a slow and gentle pace. Puppy will be gently brushed (if required) and a health check will take place, this involves a gentle ear clean, teeth checked, general all over body check, nail and pad assessment. This all helps the pup become comfortable with being handled by someone new, in a new way! Bathing and drying will take place. Drying will be an opportunity for a hair dryer to be introduced. A spritz of cologne will be used. This visit will cost just £20

3rd Visit

Visits will now take place once a month. Week 2 will be repeated with new additions of; a larger dryer will be turned on and used on the back/back legs of the pup, a small dryer will be used for the rest of the body/head. If brushing is required, this will be done for slightly longer than week 2. For those pups that have a future of grooming with hair cutting; scissors will be shown and the ‘snip’ sound made so the pup can observe, this will be mimicked with nail trimmers too. Paws and pads will be touched often, this is important and should be encouraged by all family members at home. This visit will cost just £20.

4th Visit

Week 3 is repeated with the addition of; nails will be checked and the ends of the back nails will be clipped (if required) within the health check. During the drying process, the larger dryer will be used again, up to a point where the puppy is comfortable, if necessary, the small dryer will be returned to. Pads will be checked, the pad trimmer will be turned on (but not used), so the pup hears the buzzing noise. Scissors will be introduced a second time, this time snipping off any stray hairs to help puppy get used to this action close to their body. This visit will cost just £20.

5th Visit

Week 4 is repeated with the addition of; nails will be checked and the ends of the front nails will be clipped (if required) within the health check. Drying will encourage the use of the larger dryer, ultimately, the preferred dryer will always be returned to. The scissors will be used to trim off stray hairs near the face as well as the body. Check for hairs in between pads and use trimmer. This visit will cost just £20.

6th Visit

Week 6 is the first grooming session with a difference, for those pups that will require full hair cuts, the session will be longer as hair cutting is a longer process. All the previous weeks work will be incorporated along side full styling of the hair. The pup may not have much growth at this point, therefore suitable styling will take place. The puppy should be a lot more comfortable to endure a longer grooming process with a toilet break and a drink. Grooming for those that have no hair styling, will have a normal full wash and dry experience. This session will be charged for the breed (see Grooming page for prices).