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  • About Collers

    About Collers!

    Although my name is Colette, friends call me Collers, which fits perfect for my business name! I always wanted to work with animals and went down many routes of work before I finally got there. I love animals and have had a multitude of pets throughout my life. I now just have my whippets, Edge and Lluna; kind, timid and very loving.

    I started dog grooming in 2016, helping out at a local kennels, just to familiarise myself with what the job really entails. I was welcomed in by Suzanne and Andrew at Audley Lodge kennels, they allowed me loose on some of their customers and I am now their primary groomer! Dog grooming can be hard work and although I would be happy in this role full time, I felt that there was something missing.

    I would search and search for the perfect dog grooming attire, with no luck. All the dog grooming clothing looked the same and I wanted something different. Angels Dog Grooming Apparel kept cropping up, I was drawn to the classy look and they definitely stood out. As the company is based in the USA, the selection I was able to purchase, here in the UK was limited. I emailed Angelina, firstly to tell her that her clothing range is fantastic and that there is nothing like that here in the UK. Secondly, to ask if she would consider someone like myself, to sell her range. She was very happy to assist me with becoming a UK seller of her clothing range and here I am!

  • About Angels Grooming Apparel

    About Angels Grooming Apparel

    Angelina Lalau started Angels Grooming Apparel in August 2015 with a desire to provide designer wear to groomers all over the world.

    Angelina, known as Angel by friends and family, was born and raised in California. She grew up in Northern California and relocated to Southern California in 1999. Angel lives with her husband Marcelo in Southern California, and has three children – Nathan, Tony and Alexis.

    Angel graduated from California State University East Bay with a BS Degree in Computer Systems. After working at several big corporations in their Information Systems departments, Angel left the corporate world to join her husband at Groomers Pro. After being at Groomers Pro for 8 months, they decided to create a new brand of designer grooming apparel – and Angels Grooming Apparel was born!

    After seeing what was available in the market, Angel met with local designers to develop a new line of high-end, designer grooming apparel. She took feedback from local groomers and worked closely to finalize the new line – making sure everything was made of the latest fabrics and highest quality. She also wanted to keep everything local – and all garments are made right in downtown Los Angeles. The entire line is designed and fabric was selected to be inter-changeable and create sets of jackets/vests and aprons.

    Angels Grooming Apparel was named “angels” for three reasons: (1) Angel is her name, (2) the garments are made in Los Angeles (the City of Angels) and (3) she has an “angel” of her own – her German shepherd named Drew.

    Stay tuned for new designs, new fabrics and new ideas!

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